Artisan and Food Tours

Indulge your love of everything Italian with a full-day tour that combines a cooking class - including a 4-course meal with wine - followed by one of our fabulous Food and Artisan tours in Umbria. Umbria has it all and you can experience it at your own pace.


For example, enjoy leisure time to explore the charming medieval towns of Assisi, Spello or Bevagna with helpful insights from a local tour guide. Later in the day, visit a small winery for a vineyard and cellar tour, followed by a tasting of the velvety Sagrantino varietal along with local cheeses and cured meats.

You can also explore an olive oil mill or an artisan workshop making gorgeous pottery, hand woven damask or embossed paper.

All tours listed in this page are available in the afternoon after a cooking class at Alla Madonna del Piatto Cooking school. 

Incredible Destinations at Your Fingertips

Expand Your Taste

Cooking Class + Olive Oil or Wine Tasting Tour

Never stop celebrating! Attend a cooking class then proceed to visit of your choice of an award winning oil mill or an organic small winery. Meet the owners, learn the history and traditions of local cultivation, taste to your heart content.  

If you have at least 2 days, you can join the cooking class on day one, and visit both vineyard and olive oil farm on day two.

Cooking Class +Pottery Tour

Deruta, a small town just South of Perugia, has been a world reknown center of production of handmade pottery since the early Middle Ages. This tour is perfect  for pottery lovers and those curious about on of Umbria's most traditional craft. You will discover unique mugs, tableware, vases, as well as decorative furniture and panels. Visit with the potters to learn about the processes and tools involved in the creation of their intricate and colorful work.

Cooking Class + Weaving Tour

Perugia has a strong and ancient tradition of weaving, so much that the Tovaglia Perugina (the Perugian tablecloth) represented for centuries a coveted decor for the homes of princes and cardinals. The visit of Perugia’s historic weaving workshop is a one of a kind tour for textile lovers, designers, weavers and industrial archeology enthusiasts. 

Cooking Class + Glass Atelier Studio

Most first-time visitors to Italy flock to visit the famed Murano glass workshops in Venice but are not aware of the tradition of finely painted glass in Umbria. This tour is a unique opportunity to  experience the authentic atmosphere of a stained glass atelier funded at the end of the 19th century. The workshop is still operated by the same family and the craft skills have been passed down from generation to generation. An unexpected wonder in an intimate setting.

Cooking Class + Historic Print Shop Tour

Discover the art of creating exquisite hand-decorated marbled paper, the printing of embossed paper with gold leaf and bookbinding. Meet the artisans who create bespoke paper for royalties and movie stars. The names of the celebrities are a secret well kept by the family who has been working in their tiny workshop in Assisi for over 100 years. However a lovely selection of their elegant work is available to you for one-of-a-kind gifts and memento of a truly special visit.

Cooking Class + Art Walk

In Umbria you hardly ever need a “skip the line” ticket. Even the better know hilltowns, like Assisi, Spello and Orvieto are only crowded during special occasions like religious holidays and annual festivals. 
With small groups of 6 people or fewer, our guided tours will hep you making the most of your visit and immerse yourself in the stories and facts that bring each place to life.

Cooking class + Garden, Lavender and Wildflowers Tours

Umbria with its rolling hills and splendid medieval past, has a number of spectacular offerings for the nature and garden-lover.


From humble cloister gardens to marvelous wildflower blossom, from autumn foliage to a private esoteric park, you can appreciate an exuberant choice of architecture, altitude, colors, scents and shapes throughout most of the year.  

Cooking Class + Artisan Cheese Making Tour

Take a tour of a small dairy near Assisi, hear the history of the cheesemaker family, see how the cheese is flavored in many different ways and how is it aged. End the tour with a guided tasting where you'll enjoy a diversity of textures and flavors and indulge into creamy pleasure.

 If you're lucky, we might be able to arrange for you to meet the sheep who are “responsible” for all those wheels of pecorino cheese.


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