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A visit to Umbria is life changing.


There is really no “best” tour that will show you Umbria in a single day. There is, in our opinion, no "top ten" because Umbria is like a mosaic of precious things, each one is unique.


The secret to visit Umbria is to travel slowly and to enjoy the backroads, the tiny hamlets, the slopes blanketed in olive trees.

Take in the art, history and  spectacular landscape, tasty food and wine, village festivals. Most importantly, meet the people, cook, walk, laugh, breathe in all the scents, there is no better way to immerse  yourself in the culture.

We hope you will be inspired with our day trips below. You can have any trip custom-made, private and for any number of days. All our activities are for small groups anyway. Just drop us a note and we'll get back to you with any details you might require.

Incredible Destinations at Your Fingertips

Expand Your Taste

Cooking class + Farm Stay

from €210 per person

Is there anything more inspiring than staying in a room with a view over the verdant Umbrian hills and Unesco Heritage site Assisi?


Stay at our agriturismo B&B or in our beautiful apartment for up to 6 and join one of our fun, hands-on cookery courses. You will enjoy authentic Italian hospitality as well as an educational cooking experience that is rich in both culture and cuisine.

You will never want to experience the Italian countryside in a different way!

Pottery, Weaving, Glass Atelier Tour

Shopping extraordinaire!

Visit with the Umbrian artisans to learn more about the processes and tools involved in the creation of their intricate and colorful work.


These tours are perfect for pottery lovers and those looking to expand their knowledge about Umbria's traditional crafts. You will discover unique mugs, tableware, vases, as well as handmade textiles, painted glass and embossed paper.


This is a great add-on to any of our tours or a stay with us and quite inexpensive if you plan to drive on your own.

Private transport is available starting at €275 per car for up to 7.

Wine and Olive oil Tour

from € 15 per person plus transport

The sunny slopes and mild climate of Umbria make for high quality production of world-reknown extra-virgin olive oils and wines. 

In addition, the hillside olive groves between Assisi and Spoleto are protected by FAO as outstanding landscapes of aesthetic beauty that combine agricultural biodiversity, resilient ecosystems and a valuable cultural heritage.

Take in the extraordinary landscape, immerse yourself in millenary traditions, visit the farms, talk to the owners, taste superb olive oils and wines, learn about the wine  and olive oil making process, go back with wonderful memories and a deeper appreciation of the Italian countryside.

Perugia Food Tour 

from €85 per person

Walk in the footsteps of ancient Etruscans, Roman Emperors, noble families and renaissance painters while tasting locally sourced pasta, truffles, chocolates, cheeses, wines, craft beer and more.

Your guide who is passionate about the local food, will share information about Umbrian cuisine and what makes it so special. You'll enjoy samples of regional specialties from small shops, cafes and eateries in the city and meet the friendly proprietors.

You can join this tour using public transport as Perugia is Umbria's transport hub and therefore easily reachable from most other Umbrian towns by train or bus.

Food Festival and Medieval Fair Tours

prices based on activities and transport

In Umbria you can experience layers of history going back hundreds and often thousand of years.

Besides visiting our beautiful hilltowns, like Assisi, Spello, Gubbio or Spoleto, the most fun way to enjoy the traditions and mingle with the locals is to join a food festival of medieval fair.

From spring to fall Umbria’s weekend festivals - also named “sagra” - are lively events during which you will encounter cheerful crowds, sample traditional foods as well as novel treats and enjoy plenty wine and craft beer.

Art Walks and Guided Tours

from €120 for up to 6 participants

To make the best of your Italian vacation, do take the time to appreciate what is around you rather than speeding from one destination to another. 

Slow down and take a walk in the Umbrian hill-towns with someone who has the knowledge and experience to explain the intricate history, art and architectural splendor of Umbria’s.

We work with professional, licensed,  local tour guides who regularly receive rave reviews from our guests for their competent, fun and professional services.

Saffron and Wild Herbs Tour

from € 35 per person

Travel to a tiny, family run farm set in a verdant valley. Discover the secrets of cultivation of the most expensive spice in the world. While the blossoms can be admired and harvested only in October, throughout the year you have the option to join a wild foraging tour or rent a mountain bike to  explore the area on your own or with a guide. 

Your visit ends with a delicious lunch with produce from the farm including recipes that use saffron.

Bike and Wine

from € 60 per person plus transport

Pedal through the Umbrian valley with spectacular views over Assisi and the surrounding hilltowns. This tour is perfect for those looking to combine the sense of freedom and excitement of biking through the greenery with a relaxed wine country experience. 

You will cycle at your own pace on quaint country lanes, through an enchanting patchwork of vineyards, olive groves and ancient stone farm houses. At the end of your tour you will enjoy a light lunch featuring local products and wine pairings at one of the best wineries in the area. 

Truffle hunt

from € 40 per person plus transport

Umbria is known for  one of Italy most exclusive foods: the truffle, an elusive mushroom which grows underground in the wild.​

A truffle hunts is a unique opportunity to hike to secret and beautiful mountain areas as well as to witness the excitement of truffle hunting with local skilled experts. 

Join an expert truffle hunter through the truffle-rich woods and pastures, following his cute dogs as they hunt.  At the end of your adventure enjoy a delicious homemade truffle lunch in a rustic restaurant with stunning views over the Appenines.

Assisi Craft Beer Tour and Dinner

from 50€ per person plus transport

Italy is not only about wine! The Italian craft beer scene has become creative and exciting in the past few years and it’s finding accolades all over the world.


Discover the new and innovative Italian brew culture with a microbrewery tour and dinner. Meet the young artisans who are actors of the revolution which is melding Europe's traditional beer with the Italian enthusiasm for new and interesting flavors. 



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